Open source Intelligence websites – April 2023

Below is a list of some Open source intelligence websites that provide open-source intelligence public information:

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  1. Bellingcat – A platform for investigative journalism and fact-checking that utilizes open source intelligence and digital verification methods.
  2. The Intelligence Community’s Open Source Enterprise – The US government’s open source intelligence website, providing analysis and reports on global events and issues.
  3. OSINT framework – A comprehensive collection of tools and resources for open-source intelligence gathering.
  4. Open Source Intelligence News – A website that aggregates news and analysis related to open source intelligence.
  5. OSINT curious project – A community-driven project that provides resources, tutorials, and tools for open source intelligence.
  6. Global Investigative Journalism Network – A network of investigative journalists that shares resources and techniques, including open-source intelligence methods.
  7. Public Intelligence – A platform for sharing public documents and information, including government reports and policy documents.
  8. Stratfor – A global intelligence and advisory firm that provides analysis and insights on political, economic, and security issues around the world.
  9. Intelligence Online – A French-language website that provides news and analysis on intelligence and security issues.
  10. Reddit’s OSINT community – A subreddit dedicated to open source intelligence techniques and resources, with discussions on tools and methods for OSINT gathering.

Please note that while these websites provide valuable information, it is important to verify and corroborate any information obtained through open-source intelligence methods.


And below are the links to the websites mentioned above:

  1. Bellingcat:
  2. The Intelligence Community’s Open Source Enterprise:
  3. OSINT framework:
  4. Open Source Intelligence News:
  5. OSINT curious project:
  6. Global Investigative Journalism Network:
  7. Public Intelligence:
  8. Stratfor:
  9. Intelligence Online:
  10. Reddit’s OSINT community:


We hope this helps! if you know other websites, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.

Also, in addition to this list make sure you check the websites and tools that we have listed in our OSINT Guide and Toolbox.