A Curated list of OSINT resources, and OSINT Toolboxes (Open-source Intelligence).

Domain names & Usernames

Tools to search for usernames, domain names, WHOIS info, etc.

Phone numbers & Emails

OSINT Tools for Phone numbers and Email addresses

Social Media

Social Media Investigation Tools (OSINT Tools for Social Media platforms).

Photos & Videos

OSINT Tools for Videos and Photos


MAPS and Geolocation OSINT Tools

Cryptocurrencies OSINT Tools

Tools and platforms on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

Youtube Channels & Podcasts

Podcasts and Youtube Channels focusing on OSINT and Infosec

Books & online Courses

Books, Courses, and Tutorials on Open Source Intelligence

Blogs & Websites

a curated list of OSINT Bloggers, Resources Websites, and more..


Web Archives for OSINT

Flights & Traffic OSINT Tools

OSINT Toolbox for Flights and Traffic monitoring

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